Akram Khan, “Xenos”, 2018

Maria Giannakaki, Akram Khan, “Xenos”, 2018, [2018]

William Kentridge, “Triumphs and Laments”, 2016

Maria Giannakaki, William Kentridge, “Triumphs and Laments”, 2016, [2018]

Maria Giannakaki

“Xenos” by Akram Khan

“Xenos” revealed to me how my painting language and the dancer’s vocabulary of movement may coincide. Certain scenes in his choreographies seemed to me like paintings of mine, or ideas for my painting.


“Triumphs and Laments” by William Kentridge

The unfolding of the story of Rome with those gigantic drawings on the walls of the Tiber made by the city’s pollution over time was fascinating to me, as were the flags with the musicians under the glow of the river’s spotlights. It excited me; perhaps it even influenced me in developing the concept of shadow with light.


Under the Villagers’ Gaze
The Almond Tree