Lucian Freud, “Frank Auerbach”, 1975/1976

Alecos Levidis, Lucian Freud, “Frank Auerbach”, 1975/1976, [2018]

Alecos Levidis

(From my notebook: Rough copy of a portrait of Auerbach painted by Lucian Freud. I sketched it during my visit to the “All too Human” exhibition, at the Tate Britain in March 2018.)

It is an exhibition dedicated to the representation of the human body which, through the work of painters of four consecutive generations (20th-21st century), illustrates the development of a distinct modernist style in British painting, which stays faithful to representation while renewing it.

This exhibition, I believe, came at a time when contemporary art, in its attempt to overcome its obstacles, turns its gaze back to representational painting. On my part, I wanted to record this event in my notebook, in my own way.