The Crypt

Tassos Mantzavinos, The Crypt, [2018]

The House with the Crypt

Tassos Mantzavinos, The House with the Crypt, [2018]

Tassos Mantzavinos

July 2018

My duty as a painter is to search for my own path in the art of painting (I can’t say if I’ve succeeded, or if I ever will). What’s important is that I keep the quest for that path in my mind, which is why, at some point, I had to, or it just happened naturally, I can’t remember, shut the doors and windows and make a concerted effort to find the old, the ancient, to remember what I have seen, what has truly touched me, here, in this place where I live. I am a part of its culture and its collective memory, the self is incubated in collective expression and memory.

After the stage of adding up, i.e. being taught painting at the museums and the School of Fine Art, comes the stage of removing, in search of the soul.

The first museum that is, was, [sic] the church of St. Nicholas Acharnon, painted by Fotis Kontoglou.


Me, My Name and Dionyssos