The Nature of Pollock

Anna Maria Tsakali, The Nature of Pollock, [2018]

Anna Maria Tsakali

The concept of rhythm and frequencies is an objective in my painting. When talking about nature, pulse is vitality. I am not interested in static images. I play with frequencies, with the fullness and emptiness that textures create. Thickness and dilution. Rhythm is primeval in man. From the beating of our hearts, the cycles of the years, the seasons in nature, from music that is penetrated by it in all of its forms. I often find inspiration in music such as, recently, in Schoenberg’s “Nuit transfigurée”.

My work “August”, almost monochromatic, allows me to get closer to that concept of rhythm. Analytical parts converse with imaginary parts and others, where the texture is almost random. That, to me, is the vitality of the work, and its conversation with the void and the strict geometry of the circle, the moon.

The accidental and the labyrinth are also important parts of my sensibility and my painting. The richness of textures that form, as a biological imprint, the ground of my work, is what guides me in organising the form.

I record a labyrinthine journey and the organic element of nature that leads to an image. The labyrinth is a state.

To me, Pollock is an abstract recording of the labyrinth as landscape, based on the randomness of blots, which gain movement and complexity.

All of my work begins in a similar process, which nonetheless develops into a more analytical form, because I have a need to reach the image.

A.M. T.