Diamantis Aidinis

Aidinis Diamantis

Born in Athens in 1954. He studied at Vakalo Art & Design College in Athens and at the Bayam Show in London. He lived in Italy for many years where he participated in the transavanguardia movement of Achille Bonito Oliva. In Rome he was drawing for the magazines: “Frigidaire”, “Tempisupplementari” and “Nuova ecologia”. Also in Athens, he cooperated with the magazines “Vavel”, “Κlik”, “Τetarto” and others. He has created numerous illustrations for books, magazines, CDs etc. Since 2000 he has also been involved in sculpture, making small and large-scale copper works.


Solo Exhibitions


Solo exhibition Anti Art Gallery Antiparos


Pupo per oddo Zoumboulakis Galleries Athens


Solo exhibition Lola Nikolaou Gallery Thessaloniki


Habemus Cactum Zoumboulakis Galleries Athens


The cat inside by William S.Burroughs, 20 drawings Zoumboulakis Galleries Athens


Painter in Love Zoumboulakis Galleries Athens


Goodbye for good Foka Art Gallery Thessaloniki


40's Gallery 3 Athens


Heroes and Cities Gallery 3 Athens


Solo exhibition Ponte Gallery Rome


Solo exhibition L'astrolabio Gallery Rome


Solo exhibition Doria Gallery Rome


Solo exhibition La Feluca Gallery Rome


Dangerously close to the limits of cliché, Diamantis Aidinis’ work has always seemed impossible to catalogue, to archive, to define. From complex and voluminous paintings to small bronze toys and from there to small, quick, black and white drawings. He always combined impressive technical constructions and quirky pictorial twists with commentary on the mass culture of our time and contemporary art, a strong sense of humour and often, a bittersweet melancholy. Of particular interest is his humorous commentary on the world of visual artists. The venue is usually the halls of a gallery or museum. Secular and friendly with glasses in hand, art critics with a bitter or exploratory style, stylish gallerists, eccentric or vulnerable artists. On the occasion of these works, Aidinis comments on all recent (and not so recent) art history, with his works interspersed with miniature versions of well-known works and pictorial mischief. Elsewhere he makes huge panoramic views of imaginary metropolises filled with the signs of modern civilization (signs, cars, and of course, people). At a time of intense ferment and crisis in the art world, the artist intervenes with a light-hearted humorous eye that opens up conversations about the way things work. […]

Thanasis Moutsopoulos
Associate Professor of Art History at the National Technical University of Athens.

*Excerpt from the text by Thanasis Moutsopoulos in the book “Agenda, 2007 The Games”, Scooter Books, 2006.