Vassilis Dionyssopoulos

Dionyssopoulos Vassilis

Born in Athens in 1956, he took his first Drawing lessons with the printmaker Vassilis Pantelakis (1973-1974). He studied Painting at the Athens School of Fine Arts under Lefteris Kanakakis and Yorghos Mavroidis (1975-1981). He worked as a teacher of Painting at the studio of Vassilis Pantelakis (1976-1977 and 1981-1982), at the Young Women’s Christian Association of Athens (1983-1985), at the Public Institute of Vocational Training in Aigaleo (1992-1993), at the school of stained-glass of Nikaia (1993-1995), at the painting school of the sculptor Nikos Stefos (1994-2000), at the Technological Educational Institute of Athens (2001-2002) and the Municipal Cultural Development Corporation of Kalamata (2002-2005). He lives and works in Methoni, Messinia.


Solo Exhibitions


Retrospective exhibition Melina Merkouri Cultural Centre Athens


Gavras Gallery Athens


Football Michalis Kritikopoulos Stadium Kaisariani


Artist’s Studio Methoni


Ekfrasi – Yianna Grammatopoulou Gallery Athens


Art Space 24 Athens


Chyssothemis Art Gallery Athens


AD Gallery Athens


AD Gallery Athens


He paints cut off from his time, separated from history. He has strayed off on the course of a solitary quest, on an ideological asceticism that, transcending the submission to the existing order of things, reaches a conscious renunciation of the established ways of technologically structured and conceptually shaped vision, and an indifferent access to postmodern irrationalism, ignoring, perhaps, its theoretical causes but not its practical consequences. He attempts to elicit the ignorance of instinct in order to elevate the naivety of simple forms, archetypal and semantically independent, as he experiences them.


Evgenios D. Matthiopoulos