Helen Mudie-Ioannidou

Mudie-Ioannidou Helen
Konstantinos Ioannidis

Born in Scotland, where she studied art at school and college. After graduating from teaching studies, she moved to Greece. She moved to Turkey for six years, where she taught art and music at the Istanbul International Community School. She has directed and designed sets and costumes for musicals including Cats, You’re a good man Charlie Brown and many others. When she moved back to Greece, she taught art at a local children’s home in Paleon Faliron, while continuing her studies in life drawing, art history and ceramics at the Art Painting Centre in Glyfada. Her works have been exhibited in group exhibitions in Greece, Turkey and Scotland. In 2004, she had her first solo show, at the “Egina Aegina Gallery” in Greece, followed by a second solo show at the “Αrt Gallery Café” in Voula. In 2007 she received a Highly Commended Award for her exhibit ‘Sisters’ at the Moray Arts Club in her native Scotland. She has exhibited at the IMAR Gallery, Mykonos, The Tsihritsis Foundation in Kifissia, The Oia Treasures Art Gallery, Oia, Santorini, Greece and The Kapudag Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey.She has been a member of the Greek Chamber of Fine Arts since 2009. Her works belongs the collection at the Greek Embassy in Ankara and in other private collections worldwide. She lives and works in Aegina.


Solo Exhibitions


Sculpture Egina Aegina Gallery Aegina


Reflections Art Studio Gallery Mykonos


Sismanoglio Palace Istanbul


The Embrace Αrt Gallery Café Athens


Egina Aegina Gallery Aegina


Why do Helen Mudie-Ioannidou’s sculptures touch you? Part of the answer is in the tactile, sensual, immediate way that you are drawn to the bodies. They seem to have paused for a moment before life resumes, an instant captured before they move away. They invite your action, to touch and explore, and your reaction to consider how still life can become. Part of the answer is less visible, more emotional. The figures convey the essence of a being, the spirit of a person, the impression that you have already met and know each other. The artists however will not express this in words, she conveys everything through the form, the physical and the metaphysical, the shape and the spirit. The sculpture becomes a body, becomes a figure, becomes a person, becomes a friend.

Text from the catalogue “Helen Mudie-Ioannidou sculpture”