Louiza Missiou

Missiou Louiza

Louiza Missiou was born in the village of Kato Episkopi in Northern Epirus in 1981. She studied Marble Sculpture at the School of Tinos island (2000-2004) under professor Dimitris Bezas and Painting at the Athens School of Fine Arts (2004-2012) under professors Chronis Botsoglou and Yorgos Lazongas. During the same period she was an apprentice of painter Kostas Papanikolaou.


Solo Exhibitions


Gavras Gallery Athens


Time has proven for Louiza that painting is a need and a lifeline in a world both undefined and beautiful.

Her need to express herself through colour and drawing is the compass for her life’s journey (people who can paint are privileged).

One of the reasons I am writing about Louisa is the ‘monasticism’ I identify in her.

Painting requires dedication, and it can’t be done casually, nor to make money by stroking the narcissism of those who want to be known as collectors or sensitive receptors of emotion. She is prepared, therefore, to go into the cave, to wander its complex alleyways (which is what initiation into art means, following, both consciously and unconsciously, that internal compass for what is and what isn’t art).

The world of art is suspicious of women painters.

The point is that loneliness, which, albeit painful, is the beginning and the end in art, would have the male eye, ready to embrace her.

Each painting exhibited is the fossil of the struggle within.


Anastassios Mantzavinos
Kaisariani, 2012