Lukiana Papadopoulou

Papadopoulou Lukiana
© Petros Galatis

Born in 1977 in Limassol, she studied Painting and Art History at the New School – Parsons School of of Art & Design Paris branch (1994). She continued her studies at the Slade School of Fine Art of the University of London in the U.K., where she received the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting (1995-1999). In 1998 she studied at the École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Αrts in Paris through the Erasmus Programme. Works by her can be found in public and private collections in Cyprus, Greece, France and the U.K.


Solo Exhibitions


Intra Morphi Gallery Limassol


Ad intra Gloria Gallery Nicosia


Memory of Body

I paint with memory, bodies that survive between the passing of time.
Bodies without flesh and bone.
Only with the feel and illusion of the flesh.
Bodies made of light and shadow, life and death.
Bodies made of contrasts.
Human bodies that go beyond man’s limits and become immortal.
They unite with the texture and become indestructible.
They deliver their soul to the background of the work and they die to be born again.
Because everything is ‘one’ and the basis of the work is the essence.
The ravages of time give life and rhythm to the stillness of their dance.
I paint what I do not see, yet there is…
The ‘body’ becomes the whole world.
Then, the colours closely follow his memory.

It takes me an innumerable amount of time to create the appropriate basis that will give birth to my subject.
I build countless colour surfaces that create the texture, that is, the main part of the whole project.
I add and subtract the colour to a symbolic and parallel ritual process of birth and wear.
The figures are created by removing the shadow and not by adding the light.
They emerge from the base and belong to it.


Lukiana Papadopoulou