Fanis Paraskevoudakis

Paraskevoudakis Fanis
© Anna Tsalagka

Born in Chania, Crete in 1981, he studied Painting at the Athens School of Fine Arts under Chronis Botsoglou (2000-2006) and graduated summa cum laude. He lives and works in Athens.


Solo Exhibitions


A route Kaplanon 5 Gallery Athens


Solo exhibition CK Art Gallery Nicosia


Solo exhibition Athens Art Gallery Athens


Fanis is a thickhead. Instead of doing what most smart people do, Fanis insists on painting and, indeed, painting with a fine brush.

When others, through those exchange programmes, go abroad and pull down their… preening themselves before the wisdom of our foreign associates, Fanis simply changed his frames, because he understood that, they way they put it, the issue becomes the packaging (!), altering, of course, the entire meaning of his images. In other words, his work became an art object as a whole, which alters its meaning, instead of remaining merely a flat painted surface. And that is the essence of the “post-pop” perspective for a man who believed that there are values in social life.

Fanis Paraskevoudakis, this smiling giant with a friendly smile for everyone, is the one who, without hang-ups, painting pictures only of his own truth, is already an extremely important artist of figurative painting.


Chronis Botsoglou
P.S. Only thickheads and dreamers can survive in the tough world of art.