Amalia Petsali

Petsali Amalia
© Ilias Georgouleas

Βorn in Athens, she studied Painting in the Athens School of Fine Arts (1978-1983) under Dimitris Mitaras, Yorghos Mavroidis and Nikos Kessanlis studios. She continued her studies in painting in the École nationale supérieure des Arts Decoratifs in Paris under Robert Lapoujade. After returning to Greece she attended Stage Design courses in A.S.F.A.under Vassilis Vassiliadis. Many works by her belong to private collections. She lives and works in Athens.


Solo Exhibitions


Where does the color go when it gets dark? Astrolavos art galleries Athens


Petsalis’ work is a visual search and exploration in the plastic and expressive possibilities of the materials, in order to create works with rhythm and harmony that cause pleasure, reverie and surprise. Both the creation of the work and the viewing from observation becomes a small journey, a small adventure.

In the colorful, rhythmic play-work created, the quiet, sweet colors break on sharp materials (wires, glass, etc.) creating an underlying poetry. The materials here take on another dimension with their use in the artwork whose three-dimensionality creates an unexpected play with changing lighting, movement, etc. The microcosm that Petsali creates with the combination of these disparate, “poor” materials evokes a sense of harmony and surprise. The creator herself says what she wants: “to bring an inner but also a real movement as if it were made for a moment of challenge and play, an invitation to the pleasure that makes one forget.”

*From the exhibition catalogue “Where does the color go when it gets dark?” at the Astrolavos Art Galleries, 2005.