Chronis Botsoglou: Erotic

Chronis Botsoglou: Erotic

Chronis Botsoglou’s latest work comprises of 22 bronze reliefs and 4 pencil and graphite drawings recently acquired by the Sotiris Felios Collection, as well as 12 watercolour works on rice paper.

The exhibition will take place at 16 Fokionos Negri in Athens from the 30th November till the 29th January.

In the exhibition catalogue texts by Thanassis Valtinos, Michel Fais, Yorghos Veltsos and Christos Lazos are published. A series of poems entitled “Study for Love” by Chronis Botsoglou is also included in the catalogue.

During the exhibition the visitor will have the opportunity to watch Takis Chatzopoulos film on Chronis Botsoglou’s “Erotic” works.

Exhibition Views